Founded in trust and results
Relaying the joy of living

We began operations in December 1933.
For over 80 years, we served as the main factory in west Japan for the Daiichi Sankyo Group.
In October 2019, we joined the Taiyo Holdings Group and began operations as Taiyo Pharma Tech.
We engage in the stable manufacturing of various high-quality solid and injectable formulations.
As the company responsible for driving future innovation in the medical and pharmaceutical businesses for the Taiyo Holdings Group, Taiyo Pharma Tech will continue to evolve in order to provide better outcomes in medical care and for the patients of tomorrow.

Our Strength

We will apply our cumulative knowledge, technology, and production capabilities related to the manufacturing high-quality pharmaceuticals towards responding to the various needs of customers and contributing to the provision of better pharmaceutical products.

  • Strict manufacturing and quality control
  • Compatibility for all types of injectable drug forms (pre-filled syringes, freeze-dried, vials, ampoules)
  • Broad manufacturing capabilities, from low to high molecular weight formulations
  • Manufacturing based on strict management regulations
  • Stable supply via a sound manufacturing and quality control system
  • Cost reductions through 24-hour operations achieved through FA
  • Design and structure capable of provide rapid response to BCP and crisis situations [on-site power generation equipment]

Our Business

Solid dosages

Manufacturing of solid dosages, starting from tablet production to packaging is under an integrated production system. We take the role of a pharmaceutical plant very seriously and have a 24-hour operating system that is fully automated in the evening. Our efforts make it possible to produce the products with excellent quality.


In addition to ampoules and vials, we manufacture syringe products, considering the users’ convenience. They are manufactured using the latest equipment like the Isolator and RABS (Restricted Access Barrier System). We also manufacture freeze-dried vials and biological products that require advanced manufacturing control and quality assurance systems.

New modalities

We are proactively engaged in initiatives aimed at adopting new modalities such as regenerative medicine and gene therapy. Through alliances with partner companies, we are developing technicians and constructing manufacturing facilities as part of our high-speed preparations towards being able to offer contracted manufacturing in these domains as well.