Engaging in regenerative medicine and gene therapy

We will establish new manufacturing facilities in our Takatsuki Plant to enable compatibility for regenerative medicine and gene therapy products. We will adopt new modalities as we strive to engage in the CDMO business.

Regenerative medicine

Partnered with Cyfuse, which possesses bio-3D printer technology, to engage in the business of manufacturing products for regenerative medicine.
In October 2020, we concluded a comprehensive partnership agreement with Cyfuse for the manufacturing of cell products.
In September 2021, we completed construction of a cell processing facility. We will expand into the contract manufacturing business in regenerative medicine field.

Gene therapy

In November 2020, we concluded an agreement with Gene Therapy Research Institute Co., Ltd. concerning the manufacturing of gene therapy drugs. In the field of gene therapy, which is expected to be an innovative treatment method for various diseases, we will receive technology transfer on AAV vector products from the Gene Therapy Research Institute and aim to engage in contract manufacturing of gene therapy products.