We will apply our cumulative knowledge, technology, and production capabilities related to the manufacturing high-quality pharmaceuticals towards responding to the various needs of customers and contributing to the provision of better pharmaceutical products.

  • Strict manufacturing and quality control
  • Compatibility for all types of injectable drug forms (pre-filled syringes, freeze-dried, vials, ampoules)
  • Broad manufacturing capabilities, from low to high molecular weight formulations
  • Manufacturing based on strict management regulations
  • Stable supply via a sound manufacturing and quality control system
  • Cost reductions through 24-hour operations achieved through FA
  • Design and structure capable of provide rapid response to BCP and crisis situations [on-site power generation equipment]


Continued evolution



In addition to expanding the contract manufacturing business for solid dosages and injections, we will aim to position ourselves as a new CDMO with the goal of acquiring new modalities and proactively adopting digital transformation as we expand into new domains.


We will apply the global development capabilities
cultivated by the Taiyo Holdings Group towards the medical and pharmaceutical businesses,
and aim for global business development by using our main factory,
our manufacturing base in Japan, as a platform for expanding our overseas network.