Manufacturing of solid dosages, starting from tablet production to packaging is under an integrated production system. We take the role of a pharmaceutical plant very seriously and have a 24-hour operating system that is fully automated in the evening. Our efforts make it possible to produce the products with excellent quality.

Contract manufacturing of solid dosages

Production scale
(Production scale: 5 - 10 kg, 100 - 400 kg)

  • Uncoated tablets
  • FC tablets
  • OD tablets

Service details

  • We provide one-stop solutions from technology transfer to commercial manufacturing and packaging.
    ※ Some processes can also be contracted
  • Scale-up (optimization of manufacturing conditions)

Solid dosage packaging


  • Primary packaging/10 tablet sheets(2x5), weekly sheets (2x7) (PVC/PP/AL-AL planned)
  • Secondary packaging/bundling, pillow packaging, individual packaging

Large volume

  • Primary packaging: glass bottles, plastic bottles
  • Secondary packaging/labeling, individual packaging, individual boxing.

Investigational drug manufacturing

From small- to large-scale, we provide manufacturing to suit customer requests. We also provide placebo manufacturing.

Manufacture and development plant