Contract Manufacturing Organization

We mainly manufactures solid dosages and injections as CMO.

The Takatsuki plant, as CMO, mainly manufactures solid dosages and injections. We provide high quality products under an advanced GMP management.

Solid dosages

Manufacturing of solid dosages, starting from tablet production to packaging is under an integrated production system. We take the role of a pharmaceutical plant very seriously and have a 24-hour operating system that is fully automated in the evening. Our efforts make it possible to produce the products with excellent quality.







In addition to ampoules and vials, we manufacture syringe products, considering the users’ convenience. They are manufactured using the latest equipment like the Isolator and RABS(Restricted Access Barrier System). We also manufacture freeze-dried vials and biological products that require advanced manufacturing control and quality assurance systems.

lyophilized dosage form

vial cleaning





automatic sorting

shrink packaging


vial cleaning



Our Production Base

The Takatsuki plant provide stable high quality products.

The Takatsuki plant started its operation in December 1933 and had been playing an important role as Daiichi Sankyo Group’s largest plants in the west area of Japan for over 80 years. The quality and the stability of the plant shall be maintained, after joining the Taiyo Holdings group in 2019. Located only 3 minutes’ walk from the JR Takatsuki Station (which is 12 minutes from JR Kyoto Station and 11 minutes from JR Osaka Station on the JR Tokaido Line), the plant is at an excellently convenient area.
We work hard every single day to be a competitive manufacturer that can provide high quality and sustainability with low cost to meet the needs of our customers.